In Tomorrows Most
Exciting Markets & Categories.

Athena will aim to build a cutting edge Consumer Product Business,

seeking out opportunities in the Cosmoceutical, Over the Counter (OTC) and Health Care spaces.


At the heart of all that we do, is this strategy and philosophy :

  • consumer-insight

    Consumer Insight Driven

    Brands and Products backed by sound consumer research and understanding.

  • proven_eff

    Proven Efficacy, Clinically Demonstrated

    Superior products that truly work and deliver for the consumer.

  • superior

    Superior Execution

    High global standards of execution.

  • invest-brands

    Invest in Brands

    Focused Investments to build brand equity and consumer preference.

  • passion_alive

    Keep the passion alive

    The passion that each of us at Athena carry to work every day is what will truly make consumers realize our vision.


At the core, we are culture of thinkers and makers. A global mindset, with strong Indian roots. Led by a team with a proven track record in creating and building businesses, supported by a energetic young team of ‘make it happen’ people.