11 Most Bizarre Advice New Moms Get to Hear!

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“Are you pregnant? Well, here’s a list of “unwanted” advice that you need to follow.”

Every mother or would-be-mother have heard this lines coming from a relative, friend, colleague and sometimes, even a passer-by in the supermarket! Although they mean no harm, some of the advice doled out by them free of charge can sound absolutely hilarious.

Here are some of the common, completely fictitious and bizarre advice/opinions/old wives’ tales that new moms often get to hear.

  1. 1. Is there a lunar eclipse during the pregnancy? Quickly pin a key to your outfit, over your belly. Failing to do so, will result in a cleft lip for the baby.
  2. 2. Want to get rid of the “baby belly” soon after your delivery? Skip showering for at least three days post-delivery.
  3. 3. Your baby will have an “outie” belly button if the doctor cuts off or ties the umbilical cord in the wrong way is a long-standing myth that many people still believe in. Some of them also believe that an “outie” can be changed into an “innie” simply by taping a quarter over it.
  4. 4. There are several gender-determination tests (probably invented by quacks) that have no truth in them, whatsoever. These include but are not limited to the following:
    • Excessive morning sickness or nausea is also linked to having a baby girl.
    • Do you crave all things sweet? Or do you find solace in salty/savory food? According to pregnancy lores, craving the latter means you are carrying a baby boy.
    • The ability to eat a lot of garlic and even smelling like it is an indicator of a baby girl in the womb.
    • It is said that girls steal mom’s good looks during pregnancy. This means that when if your skin is breaking out into acnes frequently and you are definitely missing your pregnancy glow, you could be having a girl. On the contrary, a great complexion, glowing skin and beautiful hair texture during the pregnancy means that you could be having a boy.
    • Frequent mood swings or feeling low are also related to having a baby girl. As opposed to this, if you feel relaxed during your pregnancy, it means you’re going to be a mom to a baby boy.
    • Another popular myth associated with determining the gender of the child is related to how high or low you carry the child. If you are carrying high, it means you are going to give birth to a girl. If it is low and the “The Linea Nigra” is below the belly button, then you will welcome home a baby boy.
    • Similarly, carrying wide means a girl child and carrying narrow will bring home a boy.
    • You probably have heard the popular ring test for determining the gender of a baby more a thousand times over! For this, tie a ring on a string and hang it over your belly. If the ring swings and sways in a circular motion, you may have a girl. If it swings from one side to another, it means you are going to have a boy.
    • Could the old wives’ tales get any stranger than this? Continue reading!

      Pregnant Woman

  5. 5. Have excessive cravings during pregnancy? The lores say that it can help prevent birthmarks. In fact, birthmarks are called “Tâches d’envie” in French, which translates to “marks due to cravings. This is why, a lot of elderly women advice new moms to never curb their cravings so that their children don’t get birthmarks.
  6. 6. Eating fruits and rubbing olive oil on the tummy will help you get rid of stretch marks.
  7. 7. An urge for nesting means that the date of your baby’s arrival is near.
  8. 8. Do you want to keep the labor going? Use castor oil or a hot bath!
  9. 9. Taking a bath has the potential to drown your fetus.
  10. 10. Too much walking will induce labor.
  11. 11. Breastfeeding lore

    Thinking that old wives’ tales are limited only to the time when you are/were pregnant with your child, is a mistake. It continues after you have your baby. These breastfeeding myths are apt examples of the same:

    • One of the myths surrounding breastfeeding women is that if you drink more fluids like milk, you’ll automatically produce more milk for the baby.
    • If you are breastfeeding, you will not get pregnant with another child.
    • If the milk is too thin, then it is bad for the baby. Also, the same, thin milk may not satiate the baby’s hunger.
    • If the mom eats something wrong, the baby will suffer a stomach ache.
    • Breastfeeding your baby can lead to hair loss or hair fall.
    • Breastfeeding leads to loss of weight for the mother.


As odd as they sound, these old wives’ tales are well-known and generally have no scientific proof. What are the other hilarious old wives’ tales or the strangest advice that you have come across during motherhood? Let us know!