12 Crazy Things We Have All Tried to Eliminate Dandruff!

eliminate dandruff

Dandruff is the arch-enemy of almost everyone, who has experienced it. Ask me, and I’ll tell you about how I tried a lot of home remedies to eliminate dandruff, only to find out that it came back! From Apple Cider Vinegar to Lemon, I frequented the kitchen more than any other place to find a possible cure for perhaps the ‘most frequent and most annoying disease of the scalp’! This post is dedicated to all the crazy things that me, you, and probably everyone else has tried to eliminate dandruff, and often in vain.

  1. 1. Avoided dark colored clothes – One of the ways that others can tell that you have dandruff is just by looking at your shoulders, especially when you wear dark colored clothes. Naturally, the next step that we take is to avoid wearing black, navy blue, marron or any other dark colored clothes till the dandruff subsides and opt for light colored clothes in the meanwhile.

    After all, no one would like to proudly display tell-tale signs of dandruff on their clothes at least!

  2. 2. Changed a gazillion shampoos – The most widely known “cure” of dandruff is anti-dandruff shampoos and these are available quite easily at the store next to you. But then, there are a gazillion anti-dandruff shampoos on the market and even after using them, dandruff makes a reappearance. This is owing to the fact that there is no permanent cure for dandruff, which is basically the shedding of dead skin cells. Some shampoos do eliminate it for the time being, but in the long-term, they do nothing. In the quest for finding the perfect anti-dandruff shampoo, I must have changed over several shampoos in a row (and am still searching for the most effective one).
  3. 3. Brushed hair several times a day – I read somewhere that the chances of reducing dandruff recurrence is to brush the hair often. This is not true. I started brushing my hair way too often, to the point that I carried a hair brush everywhere I went and brushing my hair at every single chance I got. And yet, the dandruff made its appearance within a day. Not to mention, I also lost a lot of hair due to excessive brushing.
    It just got rid of the dead skin cells buildup on the scalp, but not dandruff and its root cause!
  4. 4. Washed hair a lot – The tell-tale signs of dandruff are whitish flakes of dead skin. And to get rid of them, everyone washes their hair a lot. This does remove those unsightly flakes, but at the same time, it strips the scalp off natural oils and deteriorates the quality of hair because of all the chemicals.
    In essence, washing the hair too much is a bad idea. I wouldn’t recommend this ever.
  5. 5. Tried different forms of Yoga – It is said that dandruff is a result of excessive stress. Therefore, to eliminate it, I tried Yoga as a measure to get some relief from stress and also to build up my immunity. While Yoga did work wonders for relieving stress and made a difference to my skin, I don’t think it helped me much in alleviating dandruff or its symptoms. Or maybe I gave up too soon.
    Anyway, it didn’t give me instant results and so, I decided to take a different route.
  6. 6. Rubbed some crushed garlic – Dandruff is no vampire, but it can be reduced to an extent with garlic. This is because it has antimicrobial properties, which gets rid of the dandruff-causing fungus. Therefore, I went ahead and crushed some garlic pods and rubbed it on my scalp.
    I have no clue whether it worked or not, but the strong, pungent smell of garlic was a huge turn off and I vowed never to use it again!
  7. 7. Used mouthwash – Yes, you read it right! Mouthwash is also said to be an effective agent for eliminating dandruff. All you need is to rinse your hair with an alcohol-based mouthwash after shampooing and then use a conditioner before finally washing it off. This should be effective in treating the fungus that causes dandruff. It was too new a concept for me, so I decided to skip it.
  8. 8. Mixed baking soda in shampoo – Baking soda is another common ingredient, which can effectively remove dandruff. Basically, it dries out the excessive oil on the scalp and helps clear the products and dead skin cells buildup. Moreover, it soothes the scalp by relieving it of itchiness. I mixed 2-3 tablespoons of it in warm water and then added some shampoo to it. After using this mix to rinse my hair, my scalp was flake-free. The flipside is that my scalp got extremely dry at first. So I am not too keen on using this remedy in the long term.
  9. 9. Sprinkled some table salt – Using salt for dandruff sounds silly, but people do take this route for scrubbing out those stubborn dandruff flakes from the scalp. Just take a generous helping of table salt and rub it on your scalp for a while. This step removes the dead skin cells. Rinse it off with a shampoo to get a flake-free scalp. This may be a good way to clean your scalp but definitely not something I would recommend.
  10. 10. Used Aspirin – Aspirin – the commonly available drug at the pharmacies contains an active ingredient called Salicylic Acid. This ingredient is used to treat acne and other skin problems and is present in anti-dandruff shampoos. It can be used to eliminate dandruff, but do not to use it topically as it can lead to many side-effects.
  11. 11. Stopped eating favorite food – A healthy diet helps when you are trying to eliminate dandruff. This is the reason why many people abstain from their favorite food, especially if it is junk food. Instead, they root for more healthy and nutritious food to keep dandruff at bay. It was difficult for an avid junk-food lover like me to give up on my favorite treats and I don’t know whether the dandruff problem got alleviated or not. But yes, it made me eat healthy for a change. So no complaints!
  12. 12. Let the sunshine in – A lot of people believe that exposure to sunlight can also be of help, when it comes to dandruff elimination. Who thought that sun is also important for curing scalp diseases?!

To Conclude

These are some of the weirdest or you can say, the craziest ways to eliminate dandruff. What about you? How many of these did you try? Do let us know!

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