15 Hair Growth Remedies That Range from Simple to Bizarre!

Beer as Hair Growth Remedies

A healthy, strong and lustrous mane is undeniably something that all of us desire. But due to dissimilar circumstances, there may be a decline in hair growth and no matter what we do, it becomes difficult to restore healthy hair and retain its growth. While there are advanced treatments and medications available for this purpose, sometimes, all you need is take a look at your kitchen cabinet and you’ll find the remedy sitting right there!

So, here is a list of hair growth remedies ranging from simple to bizarre. Take a look.

    1. 1. Drink plenty of water – It is a known fact that water helps the body flush out toxins faster. It also helps hydrate your body and promotes healthy hair growth. Hair when well hydrated, is less likely to break and this is how, your hair also becomes stronger. Apart from water, the intake of plenty of other fluids such as fresh fruit and vegetable juices, also support healthy hair growth.
    2. 2. Massage during shampoo – Massaging your hair for a few minutes after applying shampoo to your hair can accelerate hair growth. Use your fingers gently over your scalp to stimulate blood flow. You can follow the same routine even when you apply conditioner to your hair.
    3. 3. Brush your hair to stimulate circulation – Another common remedy for hair growth is to brush it well for 1-2 minutes every day. This, of course, needs to be done gently using a special brush or wide toothed comb or else, it leads to hair breakage. This remedy stimulates blood flow on the scalp and aid hair growth. However, wet hair should never be brushed.
    4. 4. Hot oil massage – Hot oil therapy is an age-old technique that is said to promote hair growth. Take any oil of your choice such as coconut, olive or almond oil, warm it up slightly and gently massage your scalp with the finger tips. Wait for some hours or keep it overnight before shampooing the hair. This is also a great stress-buster and will give you a good night’s sleep apart from a healthier looking mane. So, it is a win-win situation all the way for you!
    5. 5. Egg white mask – Known for their healing properties, eggs nourish the hair and also helps restore its softness and shine. An egg mask is, therefore, preferred by many as a quick home-made remedy to repair the hair and faster growth. Making a simple egg mask is easy. Just whisk a couple of eggs (or more) and apply it to the scalp and the length of the hair. Keep it for an hour or so and wash it off with a shampoo for shinier, better looking hair.
    6. 6. Cayenne pepper – Ok. This comes as more of a shocker but Cayenne pepper mixed with any oil of your choice can stimulate hair growth. But make sure that it doesn’t get into your eyes. And while applying the mix to your hair, don’t forget to wear gloves.
    7. 7. Maple syrup – For healthy hair that grows long and strong, maple syrup works wonders. It can hydrate the hair instantly, just like honey. Dilute some syrup with water and apply it to your hair as a conditioning mask. Keep it for an hour or more and rinse off with a mild shampoo. This will give you soft, supple hair.

And you thought maple syrups were only for pancakes!

    1. 8. Onion juice – As strange as it may seem, onion juice is also amongst hair growth remedies. For instance, a mixture of onion juice and water, boiled and strained, can be used to rinse hair after shampooing. This helps lock in moisture and also clears product buildup. The only thing you have to brave though, is onion-tears! If you want to avoid that, wash onions thoroughly with the skin on and put them in a blender just like that. Strain the juice and apply, sans the teary moments.
    2. 9. Potato juice – Like onion juice, potato juice too is an instant remedy (sans the smell and the tears) that you can try for healthy hair growth. Peel some potatoes, put them in a blender and strain the juice. Apply this to your hair before shampooing. Alternately, you can also whisk an egg yolk and honey in the juice for a wonderful homemade hair mask. Wait for a few hours after applying the mix and rinse it off with a mild shampoo.
    3. 10. Beer – Flat beer is another easily available product lying in your refrigerator, which can restore the health of your hair and aid hair growth. It has proteins and biotin – the essential elements for hair growth. Mix flat beer with some warm water and apply it to your hair. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse it off. This remedy will definitely make your hair look great in the long run!
    4. 11. Apple Cider Vinegar – There’s another product from the kitchen cabinet, which can effectively aid hair growth and that is Apple Cider Vinegar. Use it to rinse your hair before shampooing for 2-3 times each week. It is also beneficial for maintaining the pH balance of the hair and cleansing the hair.
    5. 12. Cinnamon – Cinnamon, the commonly available spice is effective for treating scalp infections. It has antibacterial, antiseptic properties, which inhibits the growth of fungus and bacteria on the scalp. It is also known for accelerating hair growth. To make a cinnamon hair mask, mix one teaspoon of cinnamon and an equal amount of honey. Add this mix to warmed olive oil and blend everything together. Apply this mask to your scalp and wait for 15-20 minutes before washing it off with a mild shampoo.
    6. 13. Aloe Vera – Fresh Aloe Vera juice also stimulates healthy hair growth. You can extract the juice from the plant directly or get easily available Aloe-Vera gel from stores to get lovely, healthy tresses. Make sure that you keep the juice or gel on your scalp for an hour or more before rinsing it off thoroughly.
    7. 14. Flip your hair – Another strange trick for hair growth is to flip your hair upside down for a few minutes daily. Believed to improve circulation and therefore aid hair growth, you need to be extremely careful about this remedy.
    8. 15. Green tea – Rich in antioxidants, green tea too can prevent hair loss and helps promote hair growth. Instead of throwing away the used tea bags, you can empty the contents in a bowl with warm water, strain it and apply the tea over your scalp and leave for an hour. Rinse it off with cool water.

These are some of the known remedies to promote healthy hair growth. However, the results of these remedies are not visible immediately. So, in the meanwhile, why not Hair for Sure, a clinically-proven hair regrowth tonic for visible results? Share your thoughts with us via comments.