6 Common Habits That Damage Your Hair in the Long Run

I love bad hair days. Said no one ever.

We all want our hair to look picture perfect and selfie ready all the time. For this purpose, we follow the latest style trends, choose from an endless array of hair-care products and spend hours and money in expensive salons.

But then, all this does not necessarily guarantee a healthy mane as there are some common habits, which do more harm than good to your hair in the long run. Here is a list of some habits, which you need to ditch for beautiful, healthy hair.

#1 – Bleaching

When you bleach your hair, you volunteer for a lot of shocks. For instance, there are points your stylist may or may not tell you beforehand, which include but are not limited to the following.

A – Be prepared to experience a sudden change in your hair texture and type. Say, if you have fine hair, it might become dry and thick. Or curly, frizzy and brittle if you had straight hair before. You just never know. Even after repeated washing, the hair texture will not return to its original state.

B – Be prepared for a lack of moisture in your head. Bleach is known to take away all the moisture from your scalp, which means you have to invest in tons of moisture-laden products and learn to live with dull hair.

C – Be prepared for a permanent change in your hair color for a long time. Once you opt for bleaching your hair, forget about getting back your natural hair color. Only when your hair grows out completely, you can expect to see your hair in its natural colors.

D – Be prepared for weaker hair. Bleaching will make your hair more susceptible to breakage and split ends, especially with excessive hair styling on the cards.

The solution is to avoid bleaching, if it is possible or try out other alternatives available such as high-quality wigs and extensions and wear any color of hair minus all the damage!

#2 – Using Styling Tools

It is a common practice to use blow dryer, a curling iron or a flat iron and try styling your hair to look like a fashion icon! But using them comes at a cost. This is mainly due to the fact that heat results in making the hair appear dry, dull and lifeless, especially if the tools are used on an almost daily basis.

Also, you have to be very particular while using the tools. Your hair needs to be completely dry and a heat-protectant spray needs to be sprayed on the hair before you style it. Talking about drying, let your hair to dry out naturally to minimize the extent of damage cause by using blow dryers (in this case, use heat-protection serums).

Even setting the wrong temperature for your hair can lead to excessive damage. For fine, thin hair, a low-heat setting will be perfect. For thick hair, you need to turn the heat up. However, do not exceed the threshold of 400 degrees for your hair as the extremely high heat setting will invariably lead to hair damage.

#3 – Buying It Wrong

Whether it is styling tools, hair brushes, shampoos, conditioners etc., buy the wrong product and you will end up causing more damage to your hair than you can ever imagine.

Invest in a boar bristle brush that can detangle your hair easily. But it works only when you have fine hair. Brushes in general don’t work on thick, curly or wavy hair. For that, you’ll need a wide-toothed comb.

Similarly, you need to choose shampoos, conditioners and other hair products depending on your hair type and texture.

Talking about hair styling tools, always invest in a quality product that guarantees you the best returns. Don’t end up buying them just because you got the greatest deal on the planet and end up with a poor-quality product that causes additional damage to your hair.

All in all, do your research before you buy any product for your hair.

#4 – Tight Hairstyles

Love to experiment with hairstyles by looking at all those awe-inspiring DIY tutorials? Well, there is no harm in that except for the fact that some of them are tight hairstyles, which can cause potential harm to your hair.

A tight braid or ponytail can cause your hair to break by stressing the roots. So will tight headbands and accessories like hair pins and hair ties. These also damage hair cuticles and leads to hair loss over a period of time.

Additionally, excessive brushing, combing and teasing your hair to make different hairstyles, weakens it in the long run. Sounds scary right?

So, forget tight buns or fishtail braids, and settle for plain or loose yet trendy hairstyles for a healthy hair.

#5 – Coloring and Dying

Hair coloring has been in trend for quite some time now and it isn’t going away any soon. Although it doesn’t cause as much damage as bleach, but it does have a damage-causing side.

To begin with, you might end up with an allergy on your scalp owing to some of the chemicals used in hair colors and dyes. The chemicals can also be responsible for turning your hair lose its elasticity and become brittle and dry.

Though all these damages may not be immediate, but give it some time and the ill-effects of coloring and dying will begin to show.

Opting for regular hair masks or deep conditioning treatment and using products especially meant for colored hair can come to your rescue in this case.

#6 – Rubbing with Towel

As soon as you get out of the shower, the first thing that you do is start rubbing your hair with the towel to dry it. But then, the rough grooves of the towel damage the cuticle when you vigorously scrunch, pull at and rub your hair dry with it. Also, because wet hair is the weakest, this leads to excessive hair breakage.

Use a microfiber towel instead or an old-t-shirt to pat your hair dry gently. Both these can absorb the excess water from your hair and help retain its health.

The Wrap Up

Giving up these damage causing habits for your hair may be a tough call but not impossible. So, beginning today, start taking care of your hair by avoiding these pitfalls and you’ll end up with a healthy mane in no time.

(Image Credit: Flickr User Mainstream)