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Treatment options for Dandruff are today mostly driven by Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) based shampoos. ‘Whilst most antidandruff shampoos are effective in resolving the symptoms of dandruff, these shampoos can often result in hair condition that is less than acceptable to consumers which can lead to a tendency for them to revert to use of a non-antidandruff shampoo. This can result in a rapid return of dandruff symptoms’ – Recurrence.

In D’Free our aim was to build a breakthrough solution that truly is a technologically superior alternative that addresses this Recurrence – in a non-intrusive format that can work in a similar way to the Indian consumers already familiar hair oil regime – an Overnight Lotion.

D’Free, therefore, is fundamentally different to current commercially available, market leading anti dandruff solutions with ZPT that are promoted to offer benefits of ‘Zero Dandruff’ ‘ Dandruff Proof’, ‘100% Dandruff free’, etc. in the following TWO significant, scientifically proven ways:

1. Combination of 3 Proven Anti Dandruff Agents – Zinc Pyrithione, Climbazole & Piroctone Olamine

D’Free uses a combination of 3 Actives, each clinically proven, to fight dandruff causing organisms, used at levels as recommended by SCCP (Scientific Committee of Consumer Products, European Commission). The Three Actives are:


  • ‘Blocks fungal synthesis of ergosterol. Depletion of ergosterol in fungal membrane disrupts the structure leading to inhibition of fungal growth’.
  • ‘Proven to be particularly effective when compared to various agents such as zinc pyrithione, tar, and selenium disulfide’.

Zinc Pyrithione:

  • ‘Disrupts membrane transport by blocking the proton pump that energizes the transport mechanism of fungi and iron starvation in fungi’
  • ‘Antidandruff agent that appears to be effective as well as well tolerated when used for treatment of dandruff’

Piroctone Olamine:

  • ‘It inhibits the respiratory chain in yeast mitochondria & it remains fully active even on resting fungal cells’.
  • ‘Proven to be more effective than ketoconazole’

More importantly, further studies indicate that when used as a combination, it results in a synergistic effect that treats the condition better; reducing occurrence and improve hair conditioning, probably due to the three different routes the ingredients uses.

  • Combination of Climbazole & Zinc Pyrithione: ‘provides superior anti dandruff efficacy and desired end sensory benefits ensuring longer-term dandruff removal’
  • Combination of Climbazole & Piroctone Olamine: ‘effectively reduces the amount of dandruff and at the same time provides hair-conditioning advantages’. (Efficacy of a piroctone olamine/climbazol shampoo in comparison with a zinc pyrithione shampoo in subjects with moderate to severe dandruff.)
  • Combination of Climbazole, Zinc Pyrithione & Piroctone Olamine: ‘The Improved Anti Dandruff composition of three known anti dandruff agents of eliminates or alleviate existing dandruff, or to prevent or reduce occurrences of dandruff’. (US Patent US 2002/ 0172648 A1)

2. The Effect of Residence Time on the Efficacy (Long Contact Vs. Short Contact)

  • ‘Potency of ingredient is one factor, but is not the sole factor that determines efficacy. Even within a given active, product pharmacology can have a substantial impact on the delivered efficacy, with factors such as amount deposited on the scalp surface and bioavailability of the deposited material being relevant. Beyond choice of active and effective scalp delivery, product usage habits can substantially modulate the efficacy realized by the user’.
  • ‘Particularly, effect on RESIDENCE TIME of the ingredient is well documented and obvious with Longer Retention significantly reducing scaliness and yeast colonization.
  • ‘Consumers /patients in general do not retain product for more than 30, resulting in sub-optimal availability and drug delivery’. [12] secs (P&G Science Study, average resident time of shampoo on scalp)
  • D’Free’s Long Residence/Contact Leave On Lotion format ensures optimal delivery, without interfering with hair aesthetics.

In conclusion, the synergistic effect of the three actives, in a Long Residence Time, Leave on format has been proven to treat the condition better, reducing reoccurrence and improving hair conditioning, therefore the claim of ‘ with anti-recurrence formula that works overnight to leave scalp dandruff free and hair damage free.