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Hair loss in teens and pre teens

7 Reasons Why Teens and Pre-Teens Lose Their Hair

Hair loss or Alopecia, is a major concern for almost everyone who lose their hair in large chunks almost regularly. And I am not talking about losing the regular 100 strands of hair.

Hair loss is said to occur when a person loses more than the average count of 100 hairs per day due to various reasons. More often than not, they lose their hair due to a condition called Androgenetic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness. When females are affected by this condition, it is called Female Pattern Baldness.

But is it only the adults who suffer from acute hair loss problems? Or is hair loss a by-product of ageing? The answer to both these questions is a flat No.

It is common for both adults and children to lose their hair. In fact, it can occur in babies, teenagers and pre-teens. Take a look at the common causes for hair loss in children.

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