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Iraya, translated from Sanskrit,
as ‘from the Earth’ was born out of Ayurveda.
Discover Original Ayurvedic Recipes blended
with only the finest ingredients.
Discover pure, nourishing, loving care.

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Cold Pressed Ayurvedic Oil Range

  • Neelbhringadi Taila

    Promotes hair growth, helps fight hair fall, treat premature graying of hair

    Rs.200 100 ml
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  • Japakusum Taila

    Revitalizes and nourishes dull, lifeless frizzy hair. Helps in hair growth.

    Rs.200 100 ml
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  • Keshavardhak Taila

    Intense nourishment for thick hair growth.

    Rs.200 100 ml
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  • Arunshikha Nashak Taila

    Fights Hair Fall, Helps Clear Dandruff and other scalp irregularities.

    Rs.200 100 ml
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Hair, Skin, Bath and Body Products

The Iraya Commitment

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Made in a serene environment, right next to Central India’s wildlife and natural history heartland, the Gorewada Biodiversity park in Nagpur, each of our products are formulated with care and a firm belief in creating an ethical brand with meaningful products using only the most natural, pure ingredients.

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Iraya Spa Professionnal

Iraya’s Spa Professional range of signature products and therapies are trusted in some of the leading spas in India and across the world. Collaborate with our therapists to create treatments and menus that suit your unique clientele's requirements. Benefit from what our qualified trainers can bring to your team.

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