The Iraya Commitment

Responsible Cosmetics

What you put on your skin, goes into the skin and body! That’s why we at Iraya strive to make products that as
as natural as possible’ and almost good enough to eat.
  • From the purest natural ingredients
    The efficacy of the product depends on the synergy of the herbs used; a powerful synergy gives far more effective and long lasting benefits. Our effort is to create products that are powerful, using potent herbal combinations, and can be assimilated easily into the body.  
  • Natural Preservatives and Surfactants
    Many of our products are inherently stable and therefore these formulations do not require additives or preservatives. For products that contain moisture, we use traditional preservation systems, taking care to limit the use of preservatives to a bare minimum. The preservatives and ingredients we use are largely extracted from natural sources, making them safe carriers for the active natural ingredients used. Surfactants in foaming products are derived from Coconut Oil
  • Made with naturally-derived colours and fragrances
    We are committed to using natural alternatives while formulating a product. For instance, we do not use synthetic colours instead derive them from natural sources like beetroot for red, chlorophyll for green, turmeric for yellow. For our Aroma Light Massage Oils, we use a small percentage of a specially fractionated Coconut Oil, again this makes the oils much lighter, non- sticky and non-staining, without any harmful additive.
  • With natural emulsifiers & emollients
    Some innovations from our R&D lab that have been incorporated into our products include using emulsifiers from natural sources only (Sal Tree Gum, Beeswax), natural thickening and gelling agents (Acacia Gum, Xanthan Gum, Cellulose).

Commitment to Pure Ayurveda

With a legacy of over 30 years, Iraya was founded with a firm belief in the benefits and healing power of Ayurveda and a passion to bring these to the modern consumer.
Each of our products formulated with care and a firm belief in creating an ethical cosmetic brand that will :
  • Use only the most natural, pure ingredients  which are sourced from proven suppliers only, including some which are grown in-house.
  • Strive to keep the sanctity of the processes prescribed by Ayurveda.
All our products are manufactured in-house at our facility using traditional Ayurvedic principles that ensure retention of potency and effectiveness of the ingredients. Our Facility, spread of 5 Acres, includes :
  • Organic herb gardens.
  • Manufactured through traditional Ayurveda bhattis, Iron cauldrons fired by coal and fire wood.
  • Yet, modern state of the art equipment and Quality Control process for products of the highest quality that consumers will trust.

Procuring our Herbs

The purity of the herbs: where they are grown, how they are cultivated and whether they capture the essence of their biodynamic properties in the best possible manner is of prime importance to us. We also strive to ensure that the natural resources we consume are sourced in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Situated right next to the Gorewada Biopark, not far from the lush forests of Central India, is the magnificent Iraya Farm and Factory where many of the herbs, flowers and plants are grown for our natural products. With its unpolluted environment, perfect climate and rich soil, our farm provides the optimum environment to produce the most potent herbs and botanicals.

The Our practices are organic, biodynamic and sustainable, which means that our farm enriches the earth rather than depleting it. Organic farming focuses on natural inputs and methods such as crop rotation, compost and green manure to increase organic matter in the soil and sustainably provide plant nutrition. This method of farming allows us to improve plant health and immunity, and manage pests and diseases without the use of inorganic chemicals.

We also procure other natural ingredients through community-based harvesting projects and from the wild, using sustainable wild-harvesting methods. This is particularly true for herbs that require colder climatic conditions and we procure these from the Himalayas.

Hair, Skin, Bath and Body Products

  • Pure Ayurveda

    A range of time-tested Original Ayurvedic preparations as prescribed by the Ancient Texts, made using authentic processes. Discover solutions for your hair, and skin problems.

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  • Botanicals

    Inspired by herbal traditions from across the world, using the most natural, pure ingredients - the Iraya Botanicals line. Discover flawless skin and ageless beauty.

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  • Home Spa

    A range that brings the delight of a spa into your home. A line of luxurious treats for a magical bathing experience. Relax and pamper – the body and mind.

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